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International Exchange Screenings and Multi- Lingual Subtitles

On October 2010, at London’s Princess Anne Theater (home of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts- BAFTA), Jun-Ai held its first International Exchange Screening with Japanese-Chinese and English subtitles. This event opened the opportunity for February 2011’s screening at the UK’s House of Lords’ Committee Room, which was hosted by his Rt. Hon. Lord King of West Bromwich. Subsequently, in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and China in January 2012, another International Exchange Screening was held in Tokyo’s Omotesando.

Following the Japanese-Chinese-English subtitles, we aim to produce other multi-language subtitles such as Japanese-Chinese-French, Japanese-Chinese-Hangul and Japanese-Chinese-Arabic, with the purpose of holding International Private Exchanges in various parts of the world. To be able to realize this goal, we are now recruiting screening partners and sponsors.

Jun-Ai Festival ? Event Type Screening

Attended by the stars of the film, production staff, special guests and talented artists, Jun-Ai events are always exciting and filled with touching moments.

In 2009, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall, a mass of 1,500 people participated in the Tokyo Jun-Ai Festival. The following year, a simultaneous screening of “Mother Theresa to Sono Sekai”and “Jun Ai Mother Theresa Film Festival” was launched. “Mother Theresa to Sono Sekai” was a film by the Dean of Japan Institute of Moving Image, also the mentor of Jun- Ai’s director Jiang Quingmin, director Chiba Shigeki. In the future, we aim to hold Jun Ai events not only in Japan but in various places abroad. We are now on the lookout for partners and sponsors.

The Red and White Jun-Ai Passports

The lead actress of the film always concludes the screening events with this speech, “Discover what matters in life. Please come and see Jun-Ai again with a loved one.”

We are now currently giving away “Red Passports” to our enthusiastic repeat viewers around Japan. Once viewers have been presented with the red passport, he/she may come and see the movie again and again for free. Through this principle, our Jun-Ai Screening Events circle had begun to expand from all over Japan, to China and to other countries abroad. As a matter of fact, our avid fans and volunteers who have come and seen the movie numerous times have formed a group called “the Jun-Ai Family”.

Since April 2012, we have also started to issue “White Passports”. These are given to first time viewers, who can choose to use it on future viewing or give them away as invitation cards to their friends. The viewers may also choose to buy the “White Passports” as a form of donation to the Jun-Ai Project Secretariat. As our viewers are mostly composed of private invitations, we have come up with the new event screening style called “Pay It Forward”. We at the Jun-Ai project hopes to give out these tickets for the benefit of our viewers’ families and friends and spread the movement throughout Japan.

*Jun-Ai Passports are available at any Screening Events hosted by the Jun-Ai Project.
*At the moment, Jun-Ai Passports are only available in Japan. We are also considering issuing the passports abroad.

Educational Support for Children

Along with the screening of Jun-Ai the movie, Jun-Ai Project’s main objective is to present the children with a dream. As the circle of Jun-Ai Project grows larger, so does the educational opportunity for the children. With this we believe, we can bring peace to the world.

In 2004, prior to the completion of the film, the Keiko Kobayashi Hope Elementary School Foundation has opened at a village in the foot of Mount Tai in China. A portion of the funds pulled together by Japanese private individuals reserved for the film production was used to build the school.

In 2008, with help from tickets sales on its theater release in Ginza (2007), Jun-Ai Kindergarten was opened on the grounds of the Elementary School.

Since 2010, the events sponsored by the screening project has pledged (5%) of its tickets, brochures and CD sales for the renovation of the Jun-Ai Elementary School and Kindergarten.

In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Shingo Omura (Power Spot Tour pioneer; Sedona Film Festival mediator) lead the charity screening at Club World Co.Ltd. in Omotesando, Tokyo. The proceeds, except for the expenses required for the screening, was donated to the heavily damaged area of Iwate Prefecture and gave educational funds for Ichinoseki’s Shuko High School.

Currently, in addition to screening fees, we are reserving 500yen from the ticket sales for the donation trust account of the Jun-Ai Project. At present, our goal is to pull funds for the construction of a gymnasium of Taizan’s Elementary School and Kindergarten as well as to hold a screening event in the earthquake stricken areas in Eastern Japan.

Announcement for participation of "JUN AI Support Project"

We are very honor to inform following announcement from NPO Kokusai- Youth Fund, International Youth Foundation Japan, for which they have joind to support JUN AI project as their one of main activities.

Announcement for participation of "JUN AI Support Project" 

We are proudly announce that NPO Kokusai-Youth Fund, International Youth Foundation Japanhave newly participate to support international screening expansion for movie "JUN AI” as part of International Art exchange project.

As of now, we have named this project as "JUN AI Support Project" and we position this international arts exchange project in this organization's core project, for which we create opportunities for viewing of wide range of people all over the world as well as corresponding with various domestic and international corporate body.

In addition, the start of project support “JUN AI”, we had appointed Mr. Shogo Okuyama, who is responsible for the project operations to the Board of this NPO Kokusai-Youth Fund, International Youth Foundation Japan.

We gladly welcome Mr. Okuyama to the board and expect to have successful expansion of this "JUN AI Support Project" with your warm understandings and great help.

Takehiro Matsumura
NPO Kokusai-Youth Fund