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Keiko Kobayashi
小林 桂子

The protagonist Ai is played by Keiko KOBAYASHI, who has concentrated her artistic activities mainly in China since first taking the stage there in 1997 as a member of a friendship delegation from Japan to China on the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII.
Her meeting with an actual Japanese woman left behind in China after the war is what eventually led Kobayashi to make this film as producer.
Her starring roles to date include China Central Television’s "Heishinrin".
Kobayashi has also made significant efforts for the construction of schools for children unable to receive education in China, and on April 2, 2004, the Kobayashi Keiko Foundation Hope Elementary School opened on Mount Taishan, China.


Ai’s Japanese husband, Shunsuke. Yasutaka is a new comer to the film industry. He is currently composing songs for his singing debut.


Ai’s Chinese husband, Shanron, is played by Pongbou, an actor affiliated with the National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts. Pongbou is active not only in film, but also in theater, and has received the Chinese Ministry of Culture’s award for excellence in acting.

Zhang Shaohua

Shanron’s mother is played by Zhang Shaohua, who is famous as China’s “mother role specialist.” Zhang Shaohua was born and reared in Beijing and was originally an actress in the Peking Opera. In her career spanning nearly 50 years, she has played a mother role in many films. Her 2005 performance in “The Secret” earned the Shanghai International TV Festival’s best actress award.

Director / Jiang Qingmin

Directed by Jiang Qingmin. Jiang is seen as a promising new player among young Chinese directors.
His second directorial work, Sky Lovers (starring Liu Ye and Dong Jie) received the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 15th Tokyo International Film Festival.

1998 The Last Sunflower, starring Naoto OGATA.
2005 Jiejie cidian (“Sister’s Dictionary)

Exective Producer / Keiko Kobayashi

Producer / Shogo Okuyama, Jiang Qingmin

Script Writer / Keiko Kobayashi, Jiang Qingmin

Music / Won Win Tsan

Cinematgrapher / Satoru Tateoka

Art Director / Wu Lizhong

Film Editor / Li Fong

Sound Recording / Li Xuelei

2007 / Color / 115min / 35mm / Japanese & Chinese